I’ve had to read a book called “High Performance Habits” by Brendan Bouchard for a course I’m doing at the moment. The book is not really about how to become a CEO of a large corporation per se, but more about how to live a fulfilling life. It focuses on 6 different habits that high performers use, to feel as though they are living a successful life, not letting the circumstances overwhelm and start to spiral out of control. He talks about how they create a feeling of being present in each interaction throughout the day. So of course this could be in the boardroom or how you relate to your toddler and everyone in between.

Bouchard sees life as a series of transitions. When you get up in the morning and go out to the kitchen for breakfast, that’s a transition. When you’re in your car driving to work, transition time. From your job out to lunch, the bit before going into a meeting etc. you get the idea. If you experience any sort of anxiety in your life, finding the spaces in between can be very valuable.

I love his idea of closing your eyes for a minute as you move from one situation in your day to the next. When you recognise a transition, take a deep breath and say, “Release” to yourself. Scanning quickly through the body, take your focus to your forehead say in your mind, “release.” Slowly work your way down the body, eyes- release, cheeks-release, ears, jaw, shoulders arms, back, hips buttocks, legs, and feet saying “release” at each stop. It doesn’t have to take long but lets you re-connect back in to what’s happening for you at that particular moment, allowing you to re-set before the next thing starts.

Adding a little mindfulness throughout your day can connect you back into the now rather than getting caught up in the anxiety, perhaps, of what’s to come. xx

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