I started yoga with Tori in April 2014 as a novice. I consider myself incredibly fortunate that I happened to enrol in the class Tori was just starting to teach at Pines Learning. I liked her enormously from the moment we met. Warmth, kindness and generosity exude from Tori, she is always so friendly, genuine and so very welcoming with everybody. She has the amazing ability to remember names which is inclusive and lovely for all. Her classes are both fun and funny, encouraging, informative and a perfect balance of body and soul, breathing, relaxation and stretching with great little light hearted challenges that are so enjoyable.

Tori’s classes are highlights of my week and I always feel calm and amazing after yoga and that is all due to Tori and her incredible way of teaching (always with beautiful accompanying music). She is constantly increasing her already very comprehensive knowledge base, sharing her learning with us and varying the content of her classes week to week.

Tori is very mindful of injuries and health issues, reminding us often that yoga is not just about flexibility and emphasizes the importance of practicing to our own individual abilities without comparison, judgement or disappointment in ourselves.   I have some lower back issues and Tori offers me advice and alternatives which I find incredibly thoughtful and considerate and I am so appreciative of her care and compassion. I am constantly motivated by her encouragement and unfailing support and never feel uncomfortable if I cannot do something that everybody else is doing. She continually looks out for everybody, guiding us and helping with gentle reminders and words of advice for breathing, stillness, movements, poses or stretches.

I consider myself very blessed to have met Tori and she is a very special person to me, enriching my life and bringing me happiness, confidence, calmness and friendship. I would recommend Tori’s classes in a heartbeat and look forward to practicing with her for many years to come.

Jenny Forrester


Tori Swedosh is the founder of Sambandha Yoga. She has been practising yoga for more than 25 years and teaching for 10. Having practised many styles of yoga she strongly feels that yoga is NOT about flexibility but is an exploration of breath and mind to the body. In other words getting out of the head and into the heart. Stretching, balance and strength are added bonuses. We practice to stop the chattering of the mind, the constant noise. Yoga in its true essence is about stillness and finding calm, your true nature. It’s a different experience for everyone and should be joyous.

She is also a fully qualified personal trainer and pilates instructor teaching classes from teenagers to seniors.

She is a registered Yoga Australia level 1 teacher. She is fully insured and has current first aid and CPR.

She has worked with most age groups and abilities and it is important to her that her classes are accessible and inclusive.


I have known Tori since 2013 when she began teaching yoga at Fernwood. I am a student in her class and count Tori as a friend as well as my yoga teacher.

Tori is a wonderful teacher and human being. As well as being technically excellent (Tori trained at The Bhava Centre, Warrandyte), she is fun, light hearted and encouraging. Students leave her class feeling wonderful, both in body and in soul.

Tori’s classes are varied with a good balance of the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. She likes to try out new poses which I really enjoy. She also makes a point of knowing everyone’s names which is really appreciated by the students as the class has a core of regular attendees but a shifting population as well.

The class comprises students with a large range of ability, experience, fitness level, health issues and age. Yet Tori never makes anyone feel inadequate in any way. She assists in a tactful and gentle way to improve our poses.

Sometimes Tori joins us for a cup of tea after the class – which just shows the friendly and caring side of her nature. We all know she is very busy looking after her young family of three children yet she spends this time with us.

I would thoroughly recommend Tori and I look forward to attending many more of her classes.

Elizabeth Bednall


“It’s all about you and you’re awesome”
There’s a reason why the yoga room is always full of a Sunday morning, no matter whether there’s a howling gale, torrential rain, magnificent sunshine or (as is often the case in Melbourne) all of the above.
Tori’s classes are available to all in that they are inclusive, and we are always encouraged to listen to what is right for our own bodies. We do sometimes ‘pretzel’ ourselves, however every level of involvement is the right one.
I love Tori’s enthusiasm for her classes and participants and I appreciate her attention to make sure that correct technique is practised by all of her students. She is always quick to praise good technique and posture, which engenders confidence and self worth in all.

Denise Beanland

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